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"Red did an excellent job. She really drew the attention of both  the young and old alike, and had a very creative and inventive way of getting them to participate in the lessons she was presenting." - Mae Smith (Interpretation Specialist, The Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale, MS.)

"The Residency went incredibly well and much of that was due to your professionalism. Your depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and tenacity with often over exuberant students, was exceptional. Our district works a lot with artists in residence. What we have found is that the level of success is directly dependent on the quality of the artists involved. Once more, that is what made this one work so well." - J. Michael Huffman (Director of Arts/Magnet Programs, Lima City Schools, Lima, OH.)

"Blues Experts." - NBC News

"All the kids enjoyed your music and journey, and some really got into it - I overheard them talking later. It's not easy to keep 700 13-year old's attention, you're good!"- Avis (Teacher)

"For once the school did something I enjoyed...I sure didn't know much about the delta blues so it was really cool, especially to hear how it found its way up to Chicago...I even got to have a little chat with Jackie 5 & Dime after everyone cleared out at the end about playing the bass, and he explained to me why there was no bassist and how he used the bass drum on his lower notes to help compensate. After that we talked about the type of music I play and the function of round-wound and flat-wound strings. It was a really enjoyable experience."- Tim C.  MusicPlayer.Com (Bass student)

"Hey this is Steph and Molly and you came to our school on Thursday April 25. And it was so awesome you totally inspired us to take guitar lessons thankz!" - (Students)

Dear Educator:

We’d like to introduce you to our special music performance and workshop packages. In the past few years, The Original Delta Fireballs have brought their traditional "Juke Joint" style ensemble to adults of all ages in nightclubs, restaurants, festivals, and special events throughout the nation. Now this duo offers young people a chance to experience a live performance of this unique and fun music duo. Two different presentations are available, "The Muddy Mississippi" (performance), and "Geneva Red's Hohner Harmonica Workshop (Click here)" (performance plus harmonica workshop). Both are fun and captivating presentations.

Music, History, Geography, Culture -

During "The Muddy Mississippi" presentation, Jackie 5 & Dime  plays his drums and guitar/banjo at the same time in the tradition of Blues greats Joe Hill Louis  Dr. Ross and "Baby Face" Leroy Foster, it's  always fascinating and exciting to watch. Coupled with the talents of Geneva Red, one of the rare and leading female Blues harmonica players in the world today, this duo known as The Original Delta Fireballs are sure to stir the imagination of any young audience. It’s always easy for them to motivate audience participation with hand clapping and dancing. Their song repertoire takes their audience on a musical journey that starts in Chicago and heads south along the Mississippi River, stopping in St. Louis, Memphis, the Juke Joints of the Mississippi Delta and Arkansas, all the way down to New Orleans and back again. These two always bring a little history and background about the songs they play to their presentation, and instill a sense of the importance of this great American Music tradition.

"Geneva Red's Hohner Harmonica Workshop" combines elements of "The Muddy Mississippi" presentation and adds even more Student - Artist interaction by introducing students to this small but powerful instrument with an insightful introduction to beginners Blues harmonica. Geneva Red has been an endorsee of Hohner Harmonicas since 1998 and with the company's help has put together this great addition to their performance. The Hohner Harmonica Company makes a quality beginners  harmonica which Red makes available for all of her workshop participants to take home at a nominal fee.

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