The Original Delta Fireballs
Instruments & Equipment

(For those of you who are interested)

5 & Dime's Drum Kits Include:

1930s Ludwig & Ludwig Pioneer 12"x26" bass drum.

1930s Slingerland 10"x14" marching snare.

Aquarian American Vintage drum heads.

An early '50s WFL Speed King hi-hat stand.

A pair of greasy sounding* 14" Camber hi-hat cymbals.

Sometimes he substitutes a recent Mapex 16"x22"bass drum.

For acoustic performances 5&Dime uses his own "Rat Rod" One Man Band Cocktail Drum. (See the photo below.)

5sgear.JPG (26124 bytes)

5 & Dime's old Gibsons and Fenders are in storage and he likes the new breed of inexpensive guitars. His rig Includes:

Epiphone Dot.

Danelectro U-2.

Epiphone G-1275 Custom Double Neck.

1929 Ludwig Kingston Tenor Banjo.

1974 Fender Twin Amp (with Weber California speakers).


* 5 & Dime's own description.

Geneva Red's Harp Rig Includes:

Assorted Hohner harmonicas exclusively.

She prefers Astatic JT-30 crystal or ceramic microphones.

Victoria model 45410 amp
or an early '60s Ampeg Jet.

Fender '63 reissue reverb tank.

DOD analog delay pedal.

redsgear.JPG (16539 bytes)

Geneva Red's Custom Victoria




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