"Tu Sweet" Anderson

David "Tu Sweet" Anderson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  At the age of 14, after loosing his girlfriend to a drummer, "Tu Sweet" decided it was time to take up the drums himself.

Living above Louise's Lounge at 69th and King Drive in Chicago, "Tu Sweet" could hear the bands performing downstairs in the evenings. Recognizing her son's interest in the music, his mother would often take him downstairs to see the musicians as he was too young to go in by himself.

His early influences included Fred Below, who he met at a club in Chicago in 1971, and the great Jazz drummer Gene Krupa.  When "Tu Sweet" was old enough, he would go by himself to the famous Checker Board Lounge, Theresa's, Queen Bee's and other south side and west side clubs to hear the music. It was at the Checker Board that he met and began playing with bassist "Snapper" Mitchum who was working with Chicago guitarist Son Seals at the time.  After an ill-fated trip to Europe in which a train wreck left Son Seals' drummer Tony Gooden unable to perform, Son phoned "Tu Sweet" when he returned to Chicago and asked if he would fill the drum seat on his band and gave him the job.

"Tu Sweet" spent the next several years touring with Son Seals, performing in Mexico, England, France, Finland, Holland, Italy, Spain, and all across the United States.  During this time "Tu Sweet" got to know and perform with such blues luminaries as Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Willie Dixon, Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks and many others.

During his years with Son Seals, "Tu Sweet" performed on the Chicago Fire, Blues Deluxe, and Living Chicago Blues Volume 3 albums on the prestigious Alligator Records Label.

In 1985, "Tu Sweet" moved to Cleveland, Ohio where he continued playing drums, planted his roots, married and raised his family.

In October of 2003 he came to a Geneva Red & The Roadsters performance to try out for the soon to be vacated drum chair in the band and became the band's drummer along side bassist Snapper Mitchum once again, a couple of weeks later.

"Tu Sweet" can be heard on the 2005 Geneva Red & The Roadsters CD, Gettin' Cocky.


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