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1. When Ya Do Me -   J. Wolworth      4:19     (1.7M wav.)
2. Who's That Lurkin' -    J. Wolworth     4:07
3. A Lil' Somethin' -    Geneva Red     6:25    (1.7M wav.)
4. Don't Let The Devil Catch You Nappin' - J. Wolworth  4:17 (1.8M wav.)
5. Small Minds, Big Heads -    J. Wolworth     3:14
6. When I Wonder -    J. Wolworth     7:18   (1.8M wav.)
7. Taxin' Me -    J. Wolworth     4:27
8. Ain't No Big Thing -    Geneva Red     4:32
9. Who's Been Talkin' - C. Burnett     3:47
10. Groove Verification Man -    J. Wolworth     5:43
11. Hard Livin' Alone -    F. Dixon     4:21
12. Gettin' Cocky -    J. Wolworth     2:27

Geneva Red                   Harp/Vocals
Jackie 5 & Dime                      Guitar
Jimmy Johnson                       Guitar
Snapper Mitchum                     Bass
David Tu Sweet Anderson      Drums

Produced by Jack Wolworth



Copyright 2005 Bottle Cap Records

For the last 60 years I guess, we've always opened with SonnyBoy Williamson or Robert Lockwood Jr., or even James Cotton, but for today we wanna open with a young lady that's just too much for me to handle on that harmonica. --Sunshine Sunny Payne, King Biscuit Time KFFA , Helena, AR

A tradition-slanted set that shows off Red's harp-blowing skills amid fine arrangements by the excellent Roadsters. Hot spots include Red's haunting minor-key "A Lil Somethin'", Wolworth's slow blues "When I Wonder" (with Big Walter tone from Red), the funky "Taxin' Me", and the strong reading of Howlin' Wolf's "Who's Been Talkin'". --Blues Revue Magazine

One thing is certain; her harmonica style is everything the reviews have said about her. That she has and will continue to astonish her audience and listeners with her fresh approach and blues educated presence. He (Jimmy Johnson) and 5 & Dime work great off each other, and the experience of her rhythm section pays off in a dynamic CD of both traditional and recently dated material. -- Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

Finally a "Real" Blues album! 55 minutes of total enjoyment. Reviewing and playing this album was like a breath of fresh cool air on a hot summer night. Great up-beat rhythms. A sure 12 out of 12. We will give this album extra heavy air-play. --Ramblin' Bert Rand, WECS, Willimantic, CT

Geneva has reached her complete artistic maturity in this "Gettin' Cocky." A CD that will certainly captivate the most demanding Chicago blues fans. Geneva Red passionately sings and blows with an extreme feeling. An excellent CD from the beginning to the end. --Vincente Zumel, Radio Pica, Barcelona, Spain

I Like "Gettin' Cocky". Geneva Red's harmonica playing is powerful and inventive. I'd love to see this group live. I like many of the cuts. Will be in our heavy rotation next week. --Richie Babb, WFOS, Chesapeake, VA

Really enjoy Geneva Red's vocals and harp performing. She can ride our airways anytime on Sunday evenings. --Bill Nolan, WPKN, Bridgeport, CT

Terrific booming voice on Geneva. The CD is quite good. It'll be getting' some spins on Friday nights! --Norma Martinez, KTEP, El Paso, TX



Copyright  2005 Ourkives Music